Brief History:

A group of Little Rock Hindus met during Navarathri 2012 and discussed the need for Hindu Temple in Little Rock.  In 2013, the discussion was in full swing and a committee was formed in alliance with various organizations to explore this possibility.

The Hindu community has grown leaps and bounds in 25 years.  The needs of the community has changed drastically and people in the community have been expressing interest in having a Temple built on Vedic principles similar to the Temple in Memphis and other cities since that was lacking in Little Rock

In 2014, the HTCAR committee was formed and the committee has dedicated its time and effort to make the temple a reality.  This temple will be the first of it’s kind in Central AR region.

The objective behind this venture is:

  • To provide a traditional place of worship, religious discourses, spiritual gathering for the Hindus of all denominations and sects and to promote and showcase the Hindu traditions and culture and create an environment to introduce Hindu traditions and culture to younger generation.
  • To create an environment to promote and propagate proper understanding of Sanaatana Dharma and Hindu traditions to young adults and youth both Indian and Indian Americans (2nd generation Indians), to maintain regular religious services for the entire Hindu community in the temple
  • Increase the awareness of Hinduism amongst all citizens of all faiths.
  • Strive to fulfill growing need of our society to obtain authentic understanding of the vast and rich heritage of Hindu religious traditions, philosophy and culture.
  • Operate a place of gathering and conducting activities aimed at the cultural and spiritual development of the community.

It was decided the temple will be built according to Vedic rules prescribed by the Shastras.

Land Purchase:

  • After searching for an appropriate land for the Temple all over Central AR for more than 2 years, we found the most pristine place to build the Temple. Previous searches failed to satisfy Temple Vaastu Shastra’s and other logistic requirements per city regulations.
  • After much negotiations, the land on Dineen Drive for 22.2 acres has been purchased
  • The land has been fully paid in cash.

Why Dineen Drive:

  • Just off the highway exit thus only main, big highways and roads are involved in accessing the property
  • The solid advantage of this lot on Dineen Drive is that we have a full 22.2 acres to satisfy all future developmental needs and unlimited expansion prospects for next several decades
  • Very secure private road with possibility of reinstalling the gate to increase security and privacy
  • There are only 4 properties on this private road
  • Only buildings on the entire road is a school, rugby field and an small industry
  • Within city limits of Little Rock with Natural, secure environment
  • 6 minutes from downtown
  • 8-9 minutes from UAMS, VA, St. Vincent, park plaza, midtown LR. These are major places where most people work thus making it easy on weekdays
  • City sewer, electricity and water on property
  • No restrictions to build whatever we want as long as we follow the set-backs per county regulation

Work Completed thus far:

As work is being done on a daily basis, this section will be a reference and will reflect work completed few weeks prior:

  • Purchase of land , Land Survey, Topography, soil test, Initial Environmental test,   cleaning of land for building,  site plan

Phases of Development:

  • 2 acres with natural environment will be used for:
  • 1st Phase:5600 + sq ft Main Temple hosting the following deities: Lord Balaji (main murthy)with MahaLakshmi and Bhudevi, Lord Shiva and Parvathi, Lord Ganesh, Lord Subramanya and Valli, Ram Parivar and other deities per community request. Parking lot and MEDITATION Pond or Pushkarani, priest quarters and restrooms
  • 2nd Phase: Dining hall with certified kitchen, Gopuram, Outdoor Pavilion
  • 3rd phase: Community Hall, Kids’ playground and scenic park