Welcome to Hindu Temple of Central Arkansas, Little Rock

¨This is “OUR” temple and “OUR” PROJECT and together we will serve the common needs of our community


¨The mission of Hindu Temple of Central Arkansas is to provide a solid base and a forum for Hindu religious worship, religious celebrations, and a platform for cultural, religious, and spiritual developmental activities based on Hindu Vedic Sanatana Dharma traditions.


¨The Temple will be a hub of Hindu religious and cultural activities thus meeting the spiritual, religious and cultural needs of all people that support Hindu faith. The temple will be all-inclusive of Hindu beliefs and will facilitate the learning and showcasing of Hindu traditions in the community.  The temple will be available to all community members who believe and respect the Hindu/Vedic/Sanatana Dharma. We plan to work with other religious organizations in the area to achieve common goals.


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¨This corporation is organized exclusively for one or more of the purposes as specified in

¨Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, including, for such purposes, the making

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We want to thank each of you for attending the Bhoomi Pooja ceremony for construction of the Hindu Temple of Central Arkansas. The grand success of this event was possible only due to the over-whelming support from the devotees, donors, volunteers and the community as s whole.

It was a wonderful and successful event with more than 500 devotees witnessing this once in a life time event in Central Arkansas with devotion and dedication, thus making it the largest Hindu religious gathering for the Bhoomi Pooja in Central Arkansas.