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6000 Sq.Ft Temple Building $750,000.00

Gravel Parking & Driveway $100,000.00

Deities & Inauguration $75,000.00

Maintenance for 3 Years $180,000.00

Total $1,005,000.00

22.2 Acres Land Purchase $115,000.00

Total Estimated Cost for Phase 1 $1,220,000.00

  • 22.2 Acre Land with Natural Environment
  • 6000 Sq.Ft Main Temple
  • Deities
  • Kitchen, Dining Hall and Restrooms
  • Saints Hall (Sai Baba & Raghavendra) & Meditation Centre
  • Raja Gopuram
  • Community Hall
  • Priest Quarters
  • Pushkarani (Pond)
  • Picnic Pavilion
  • Scenic Park
  • Kids Play Area and much more

Due to the tremendous support from the Hindu community of Central Arkansas, the community's dream of constructing a temple for Sri Balaji, Shiva, and other parivara devathas has become a reality with the acquisition of 22 acres of land. The temple construction will soon begin with the goal of completing and celebrating the grand opening by end of 2018. Just as "Little drops of water make the mighty ocean," small contributions from you can go a long way and help in achieving the goal.

In order to accomplish Phase 1 of the goal, the 'HTCAR Family Sponsorship Program,' has been initiated. Phase 1 with an approx. budget of $1.2 Million includes construction of the following:

  • 6000 square feet A/C area with the deities
  • Garbhagrahams as per Shastra
  • Gopurams for all Garbhagrahams
  • Pond
  • Gravel Parking & Driveways

We request donations and pledges of any amount which can be paid over 1 to 5 years. Please complete the attached pledge form and email to or visit to donate online . You can also mail the check payable to "HTCAR", PO Box 26012, Little Rock, AR 72221. All your Donations are Tax Exempt.

  • Check (preferable) payable to HTCAR and mail to PO Box 26012, Little Rock, AR 72221
  • PayPal - (smaller amounts only, PayPal fees can be avoided if paid by check)
  • Donate Online @